Covid-19 important message

Hello dear patients,

As recently announced by the government, dental clinics have finally had the green light to reopen from June 1, 2020. We have received a communication from the Order of Dentists to be able to perform all the treatments safely for both us and our patients. For a few weeks now, our team has been preparing for your return home.

She implemented our new work protocols and installed additional equipment recommended by public health. Indeed, we have acquired new suction and air purification devices for each of our treatment rooms. You will also notice when you arrive at the clinic “PLEXIGLASS” installed in the secretariat. Your dental team will now work wearing a jacket, a visor, an N95 mask and a cap until further notice. Thus, we are proud to welcome you in an environment that exceeds the standards of protection.

Obviously, our schedules will have to be adapted to this new reality that dentistry has become. We will proceed as a priority for the best interests of all our patients. First, we will have to receive the dental emergencies that have arisen during the confinement and the patients who are in pain. Subsequently, we will deal with the appointments that we had to cancel during our quarantine period and finally the new appointments.

We understand that in some cases you want to return to us as soon as possible and we ask you to trust us for the smooth running of your care.

Here are our procedures for your safe return home

  • Each patient must first complete online or by email the Covid-19 medical questionnaire and return it to us. If necessary, the patient must complete it at the clinic during the appointment. Anyone entering the clinic must complete the Covid-19 form.
  • Before your arrival at the clinic, you will be asked essential questions in order to assess the signs of Covid-19
  • Only a patient with an appointment will be admitted to the clinic. No one is allowed to show up without our approval.
  • You must respect the distance of 2 meters with other people in the waiting room and at the secretariat.
  • The cleaning of hands with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution is mandatory for anyone entering the clinic.
  • Wearing a protective mask is strongly recommended for anyone entering the clinic. We ask that you bring your own mask. If so, we’ll ask you to get one at the clinic for $2.
  • For children, an accompanying person will be allowed except in the treatment room.
  • We ask that yourespect the time of your appointment and avoid delays.
  • For patients arriving by car, we ask that you remain in your vehicle. Please contact our secretary and she will let you know when to come up to the clinic. We want to avoid too many patients in the waiting room.
  • In the treatment room, your cell phone will not be allowed and must be stored as well as all your personal effects (keys, wallet, etc.) and cannot be manipulated.
  • You must remain seated for the duration of your treatment in the room to avoid any unnecessary movement.
  • We ask that you follow the recommendations that will be given to you in the room by the dentist or hygienist during your treatment.
  • Payment by card is preferred to avoid handling cash.

And the most important thing after your health is that you leave with a smile as you have always done when you come to visit us for your care!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or internet and we will be happy to inform you adequately. Rest assured dear patients that your dentists and their team are mobilized to put your health first!

We can’t wait to see you again!

Dr Manoukian, Dr Hébert-Pion, Dr Harboun and their team