The dental examination

Everyone needs to have their teeth and gums checked regularly. The main purpose of the review is to spot small problems early before they get worse and take care of them early on. We’re here to keep your teeth and gums healthy and help you maintain optimal oral health for the rest of your life.

Signs and symptoms to watch

Our team monitors and detects the signs and symptoms of a multitude of dental problems. For example, during your examination, your dentist may diagnose:

  • deterioration of fillings, crowns or other restorations
  • cavities under and around fillings, cavities on the roots
  • a crack in a tooth
  • the first signs of gum disease
  • the first signs of oral cancer
  • impacted teeth
  • occlusal or muscular problems
  • delayed tooth eruption
  • signs or symptoms in the mouth that indicate a general health problem
  • And more……

What do we do during your dental exam

As soon as you arrive at our clinic (or prior when possible), our secretary will give you a medical questionnaire regarding your general and dental health. You can also tell us about any discomforts, concerns and corrections that you would like to make to your smile. Your file is confidential and we will also take care to keep your information up to date. The dental hygienist will then come to meet you and direct you to the examination room. He or she will review your medical information with you and make sure to clarify certain points if necessary. She has the duty to observe, note and report to the dentist any anomaly which concerns your mouth. Your complete examination is essential before any future treatment.

During your examination, various steps will be taken to obtain a complete and detailed assessment.

  • The extra-oral examination: examination of the face, head and neck.
  • Intra-oral examination: consists of visually examining your mouth and palpating inside to diagnose all oral conditions.
  • Examination of the gum and teeth: we will observe the color, position, morphology, if there are caries, defective fillings, cracks, abscess, brief bleeding, or any other abnormalities
  • Bite examination: this allows us to analyze how you closed your teeth together, to assess whether there is any interference between them or other problems related to the joint.
  • To make your examination as complete as possible, we use digital X-rays which are essential for your diagnosis. These allow us to obtain information about your dental condition that could not have been detected with the naked eye. All our treatment rooms are also equipped with an intraoral camera. This helps us examine you more closely and show you the condition of your mouth on a plasma screen. They are very appreciated by dental professionals but also by patients.
  • The hygienist and dentist will take all the time necessary to explain all the details of your examination and answer your questions. All our observations made during your examination are noted in your file and allow us to plan your treatment options that will be adapted to your needs.
  • Finally, the planning of your appointments per your schedule as well as the financial and insurance aspects will be discussed.

We’re here to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Be sure to maintain optimal oral health and schedule your next dental exam.